ARMY Of New Eden is recruiting Corporations & Individuals [US/EU/AUTZ]


ARMY Of New Eden is recruiting Corporations & Individuals [US/EU/AUTZ]

ARMY Of New Eden is looking for all Corporations and Individuals.

We are looking for active Corporations across all time zones and playstyles regardless of size to join our ranks. ARMY is an active, PvP focused, SovNull alliance currently living in the Tenerifis Region. We are a self-sustainable Alliance with plenty of industry and logistics in place to facilitate the manufacturing and acquisition of all ship sizes including Supers and Titans.

We offer PvP content of all shapes and sizes; from large scale engagements involving multiple Alliances and hundreds of pilots, to Capital Ship fights down to small gang roaming and gate camping.

What we offer you:

  • Regular PvP content across multiple time zones.
  • An established SovNull home pocket with plenty of room for mining, ratting, ice mining and manufacturing.
  • A wide variety of PvP content on all scales.
  • A ship replacement program.
  • Several isk making opportunities.
  • Player development (Alphas welcome).
  • FC opportunities with training assistance.
  • A more mature and friendly environment
  • An environment for your corporation to grow and flourish.

What we expect from you:

  • PvP experience is a plus.
  • Members to be mostly self sufficient.
  • Willingness to participate with the alliance.
  • Contribute towards the betterment of the alliance through whatever means you can.
  • Active member base.
  • Capital capable characters are highly encouraged but not necessary.
  • Full API Keys, this is non-negotiable.

If you are interested in enquiring about your corporation or yourself joining ARMY Of New Eden please speak to one of the following either in game through mails or our public channel: ARMY of New Eden

Antonomon (EU)

ghosttr (US)

Pantsufan (US)


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