Living in a Toyota Camry


Living in a Toyota Camry

I'm thinking about living in my toyota camry and reducing anything I don't find necessary to the bare minimum such as clothes, important documents, water jugs, and some dry foods.

I have about 15k saved in the bank, and I can reduce my food cost to about $5-$7 per day.

I have a gym membership that has 24/7 access for $10 each month, and I'll be doing all my cleaning there.

Some potential issues I have include:

-How to survive hot summer nights if I'm parked in a parking lot like walmart, and if it's dangerous to have my windows rolled down 1/4 to maybe 1/2 inch for some air circulation.

-I don't necessarily have any plans to work full time, but is working part time necessary if I want this lifestyle to be sustainable in the long run?

-Anything else I may have not taken into account and considered

Thank you


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