The illusion that you can actually “pass” a shit test


The illusion that you can actually “pass” a shit test

One thing I believe a lot of men in the manosphere don't completely understand is the so called "shit-test".

Most men are very logical, they tend to think objectively and algorithmically. "If you do this then that will happen". And women aren't like this… at all. People say it all the time but it seems that they don't really grasp that women are about feelings, not logic.

A shit-test isn't a "test" in the sense of an "exam" that you take and you pass or not. It is a test in the sense of "testing something". For the girl there will ALWAYS be a clear answer out of the shit-test, depending on the man's reaction to it.

Usually people in TRP and PUA say that the best answer is to say some witty answer or try to put her down some way. If possible both in the same sentence. And doing this is a complete proof of how invested you are, the complete opposite of actually "winning" a shit-test.

In the man's mind, when he does this, he thinks "Shit-test passed! she now thinks I'm cool" or whatever.

In the woman's mind she thinks "He actually took the time to think of a good answer for me". She doesn't really think that, but she "feels" like the guy is invested in her. By the simple act of giving her the time of day to seriously answer some bullshit she just shat out of her mouth expecting to bother the man.

The absolute best way to answer a shit-test is to just walk away. This means not getting sex a lot of times, but it also means you don't really give a shit about what she has to offer (sex).

Contrary to what a lot of men, specially young men, believe these days. Shit-tests aren't suppose to be as rude, degrading or happen as often as it happens these days. This is happening because women are living with in extreme abundance of men, making them utterly disposable. Not JUST disposable, but EXTREMELY disposable.

Probably every guy in the manosphere is passed the "dancing monkey" phase. Trying to be cool or alpha or whatever. And realized it just doesn't work and it isn't sustainable in the long term. And trying to pass shit-tests are just that, entertaining bored girls hoping that she will throw some piece of something at you.


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