Seeing kids in a high cost of living area…


Seeing kids in a high cost of living area…

Lurker here, this sub is great to read daily. Some of it is relatable to me. Anyways, I live in one of the most expensive cities in North America where the houses are over a million dollars, the townhouses and condos are steadily climbing up in price to match that and the local salaries are not matching the cost of living unless you are a CEO or a politician. This is due to the foreign investment coming from China and buying homes to either leave them empty or let an international student live in it.

Which brings me to my main point, I don't like babies and little kids and when I see them with their parents out in public, I wonder: How can they afford you?

I know from living here all my life that daycare, necessities, clothes, schooling fees, taxes, after-school activities add up a lot here. When I hear the little kids screaming in a neighbourhood, I think: Your parents are house-rich, cash-poor because of you. I wonder why young couples want to have babies when they will likely go into severe debt as a result. It isn't sustainable.

I think this why a lot of the people who want to start producing babies are either moving farther away from the city (while they still can) or moving out the area entirely to cheaper area to buy these large homes.


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