[EVENT] Encouraging Investment and Business


[EVENT] Encouraging Investment and Business

Prime Minister Julie Shuckleberry has called together a session of Parliament to vote upon the Business and Investment Encouragement Bill of 2059. This bill aims to further develop major cities in Canada, such as Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. New transportation systems, public parks, and stricter sanitary codes for living. This is aimed to up the standard of living in these cities, thereby causing businesses to view these cities as profitable opportunities to set up regional branches in. In larger cities, more and more will be funded by the government, such as the government paying for some of the costs for water, electricity, etc. in poorer households. In order to apply for government subsidized water, electricity, and other essentials, people must apply at the Mayors office, where their application will be reviewed. Because of the government paying for the essentials, the idea is that the poorer people will be able to spend more of their money on material goods, therefore increasing the profitability of new businesses in the area.

The transportation systems will be on two different levels – connecting the cities and easy transport inside the cities. Hyperloop systems will be looked into to connect the major cities along the border, and inside the city below ground subway systems will be updated/created/expanded into surrounding areas, allowing people outside of the city to get jobs inside the cities easier. Hopefully this will have the additional effect of reducing the amount of cars in Canada. The Hyperloop systems will be the most expensive part of this endeavor, as this has not been attempted yet by Canada. An experimental system will be set up in between Ottawa and Montreal to deduce whether the costs of creation and the costs of maintenance will be profitable/sustainable for Canada.

This bill has faced fierce competition within her own party, who are split over whether the governemnt subsidies are a good idea – some say that this will indeed encourage regional businesses and small businesses to set up shop, therefore being profitable. However, a good chuck of her party disagrees and says that this would be insanely unprofitable, causing the government spending on social services to sky rocket while profit decreases/flatlines. The budget for 2060 is also being disputed for this exact fact.


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