Anyone know of any “cheap” PTO driven forestry mulcher?


Anyone know of any “cheap” PTO driven forestry mulcher?

Farming industry needs to up their game as far as websites go. Having a hard time finding a piece of equipment that makes sense for me.

I see these mulchers they use that obliterate trees such as the fecon bull hog, and I want one for brush and cactus and whatever. The stuff I want to pulverise is relatively small I don't need something so huge as that $40,000 fecon.

I also want it to be PTO driven since I have a tractor and not a skid steer. Tractor is only 90HP, but I've found some mulchers that will work with it online. I just can't find them locally or any prices anywhere. I've also asked for quotes from several companies via their website and they just flat ignore the requests.

I have also tried to find these to rent, but my area doesn't have forests or really even many trees. So you don't find this equipment easily. The one I did find it they wanted $4,000/week and 1 week minimum for the mulcher and the skid steer.

Curious if anyone on this sub uses these and can offer me pointers on finding one. I really don't want to spend 20k on one either. Just want a cheap chinese made thing if they exist.


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