ID Request: Container mushroom in VT (have pictures)


ID Request: Container mushroom in VT (have pictures)

Pictures here:

Hello! Usually the mushrooms that occasionally pop up in my wetter pots are small but this was a big one- so big it scared my boyfriend. It would need to be broken up to fit in that 4oz jar in the picture.

I live in Vermont and the mushroom shared digs in a half-gallon terra cotta pot with a rose plant from Trader Joe's.(one of the "mini roses" – given space it's getting bigger 😀 ) The potting soil is likely from Lowe's or similar, and it is watered using wastewater from a goldfish tank.

I couldn't keep it for printing, as the aforementioned boyfriend wanted it gone, but when disturbed it emitted the soft earthen smell I associate with white button mushrooms from the grocery store, if a bit sharper and fresher.

It also can grow in a cluster of four, but that cluster was also removed in the quest to appease the mycophobe. I assume the mycelium is still there and active, the pictured mushroom sprouted on July 5 but there've been a couple more sprouts since then. Been dormant this last week but I finally got a chance to post. If this isn't enough information I can try to save one from the next time it sprouts for a spore print.


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