I have 40,000 USD – what’s my best sustainable housing option?


I have 40,000 USD – what’s my best sustainable housing option?

Let's discuss. Sustainable living isn't free living. But it's still considerably cheaper, both immediately and long-term. That's the point, right?

But for someone who has set aside the resources with the actual intent of turning that dosh into a from-scratch sustainable lifestyle, what are some of the better options?

Trolling around Google almost always leads me to scams, or private dealers of mobile homes (which isn't, as far as I can tell, the worst option, but that's about the maximum extent of my budget).

An RV, whether it's a pull-behind or not – seems well within my budget, but also, I don't see myself living even in a very nice RV for more than a few years in a row, before running into problems.

I guess what I'm looking for, are good resources, links, non-company-promoting help- for "How to build a tiny home."

Right now I'm looking at some barn-style wood-constructed "sheds" that are offered by a local Home Depot- I'm thinking, get a small plot of land, prop that sucker up, insulate it, and go from there in terms of, solar for electricity, and maybe filtering rain for water.

I'm just kind of lost, though. Floating in an oversaturation of….shilly resources that seem more interested in the transaction than the realistic aspects of it.

Is there an Enchiridion to sustainable housing? A Grimoire? Sustainanomicon?


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