Stuck in a lease with ex girlfriend who is now holding a cat we adopted together ransom for 2k (Newpaltz, NY)


Stuck in a lease with ex girlfriend who is now holding a cat we adopted together ransom for 2k (Newpaltz, NY)

I've dated this girl for 2 years and lived with her at her parents house. We decided to go away to school with each other and signed a lease for an apartment. We each signed a separate copy of the lease so I assume we are each 50% liable

One week after we move in she started acting cold, I asked her what was wrong and she told me she felt conflicted about our relationship but that we can keep doing what we've been doing at least until the lease is up (Dec 31st) originally she wasn't willing to give up this car we adopted a year ago, but she realized that this cat and me are v attached to each other and decided that it was fair for me to keep her ( she also has another cat since before we started dating)

She went home for 4th of July weekend to see her friends and family and she also ended up cheating on me. When she returned to the apartment almost 2 weeks later I confronted her and told her I knew and she couldn't even look at me while discussing this. I told her I think we shouldn't live together as this isn't sustainable or healthy to share a one bedroom apartment. But since shes on the lease I told her I couldn't force her to do anything she didn't want to do. She want's me to move out and now pay her 2k for the cat and that would cover the remainder of my half of the lease until December.

Since that night she has went home to stay with the guy she cheated on me with. Shes been texting me about how she will take legal action if I don't pay her for the cat. The cat was adopted by her and is in her and her sisters name. My name shows up on the paper only if they are unable to take care of her anymore. The cat was adopted from save a pet through a Petco in Rocky point.

This cat sleeps with me every night and has for the past year since we got her, shes very attached to me and i'm very attached to her. I currently have the cat in my possession and have had her in my possession since about July 1st (today is the 16th) I've been taking care of the cat since then.

Since I confronted her about cheating she has refused to see me in person and discuss this matter. I told her I wasn't opposed to paying for the cat but that I would cover adoption fees, vet bills, and anything else she might see as fair for me to pay for. 2k is unreasonable. I'm 22 years old and have a part time job It would put me in debt and conveniently take her out of her debt with some credit cards shes racked up.

The apartment is another problem, since I cant force her to leave. We both are pretty adamant on staying there as unhealthy as it sounds. Neither one of us is willing to move out as we wouldn't be able to go to school up there if we did. If I move into another apartment and don't pay my half of the rent to her for the remainder of the lease she won't give me the cat. If I stay and don't pay her 2k for the cat, she wont give me the cat. I am very much stuck in this horrible situation.

To go over how much each of us has spent on the apartment so far I payed a security deposit of 1,500, one months rent (400) electricity (30) and internet is under my name although she paid that first bill. I also spent maybe another (600) on basic supply's and food for the apartment.

She has spent first months rent (400) and internet (60)

She refuses to see me in person and come to an agreement about the living situation and the cat. I'm not opposed to living with her until the lease is up, but I think she has a big problem with it and just refuses to tell me and is trying her hardest to make my life as miserable and hard as possible so that I would move out. (not happening)

Can she actually take legal action against me if I keep the cat without paying her? Is there anything I can do so that I'll have an upper hand in discussing this with her when she comes back to the apartment in 2 weeks? (July 30th) she has been texting me out of nowhere reminding me that the only way I will get the cat is paying her. I keep trying to tell her to relax and we can discuss in person when she returns. What can I do, if anything so I don't have to pay her. Also is there a way for me to get her out of the lease and force her to move out?


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