Moving a business?


Moving a business?

Sorry if this sounds so amertaure. Both my girlfriend and I are starting a business. We will both be receiving some help at start up from our parent(not financially) just going about the correct way to start it. However, we both want to move by the time we are out of college. We love Arizona and do actually plan on living out there. Problem is, if the business were to start and be stable here where we currently live then how realistic is it to move the business? I would be losing customers, workers, money etc….

In this case if the business was to be sustainable, would it be best to hire a regional manager to take care business here where the start up is? If we were to move we would totally start the business in Arizona. However, I just can't see anything good coming out of dropping customers/workers/money.

The only reason this is worrisome to me is because we actually want to move to Arizona , we have lots of family out there and I do not like where I currently live l. Again sorry to sound so novice, but everything is currently lined up to launch the business in terms of legality, insurance, and permits.


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