Curvy girl seeking insight from those of you more well versed in this than myself…


Curvy girl seeking insight from those of you more well versed in this than myself…

Please hang with me through this. Saw your sub referenced on another sub!

I am living proof that you can't outrun a bad diet. I run/power walk 6-8 miles 5 to 6 times a week. 100% honest. I don't eat breakfast. I usually have a fresh juice for lunch and a small meal for dinner (I mean small, I use a kiddie plate to measure). I don't eat after 6:30 or before noon.

Guys… My body is holding on to my weight for dear life. I tried vegan for a year and while I felt great I craved chicken. I tried paleo (for a few weeks and didn't lose anything), I didn't feel great I felt bloated all the time, I never pooped and I craved fresh fruits and veggies. I tried the Raw Food lifestyle (for a few months) and I swear this is the only way my body will let go of weight but do you know how impossible this diet is? How not sustainable it is?!

It has taken me two years to lose 40 lbs. 2 years!!! I'm only averaging about 20 lbs. a year. I know people that lose that in 3 months! I'm so frustrated. I am working my ass off! Even after having lost 40 lbs. I'm still technically 40lbs. overweight. The only way I've been able to drop pounds more quickly is by Intermittent Fasting and by IF I mean going 24-48 hours on nothing but water. My body will then start to let go of a little at a time.

Help me! I'm not that girl that can eat 1,200 cals and lose weight. I would actually put weight on if I did that or possibly weight maintain. if I'm not at about 800 cals. AND running, I'm not losing. Tell me what you think?

Thanks guys!


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