I dug my hole rather deep and need advice


I dug my hole rather deep and need advice

Hello friends,

My spouse and I were legally married in Arkansas in 2014, we separated in 2016 and have lived separately ever since. However, neither of us have filed paperwork for divorce or legal seperation.

A few (severe) hiccups along the way:

You must be a resident of Arkansas to be divorced in Arkansas…this is a problem currently. I was basically homeless for a bit (in a warm van) over the winter and was unable to establish residency in a new state.

We formed a business together, in which I invested between 10K-15K of personal funds into. Friends donated, I raised money, I won a grant, I dug deep into my personal credit, because of my firm beliefs that this business would succeed.

I also undertook all of the debt of the business, signing for credit cards, accounts, etc.

I never received any profit from our business, it basically made enough to break even during this time but my ex has been living comfortably off of the profits since our separation.

Winter 2016-Spring 2017. Following our falling out as husband and wife, I moved into my van and I moved to Chattanooga, TN to seek work. I had high hopes of getting a good full time job and becoming sustainable again. In Chattanooga, at some point, my van/home was stolen so I was immediately rendered homeless. Could only afford basic insurance so there wasn't much I could do. Officer involved in case found thieves but refused to press charges.

With $200 in my name, a friend gave me a ride to a small town in Kentucky where I worked and lived in a tent and scraped by.

During this time, without internet access, I was not aware that ex had access to business cards and more and has continued to incur debt in my name. One card is at $4500 and the payments on it are overdue by $1500 and I am the guarantor for this card, though I was not aware that it was being used or that a card for this account existed. I have requested that the purchases be investigated as fraud.

He did not provide any financial support for me during this time even though he was living off of the income that the business made.

He has refused numerous times to file for divorce. In Arkansas, you must reside in Arkansas to file. I still have my 'residency' as there, as it was nearly impossible to establish residency without a vehicle, address, or home. I'm working on this obviously.

I now reside happily in West Virginia and am trying to get back on my feet and establish residency here and start the divorce process. I just got a decent job.

The LLC was in my name, he offered to buy the company from me last year but never made any payments. He was not associated legally (other than marriage) with the business but did help build it with me (sweat equity).

I know, beyond hiring a lawyer, where do I start? Should I close the LLC? Should I sue him? Should I establish residency in West Virginia before doing anything else. I closed the credit card account but in that process I also lost access to the online statements, so now I have to file forms to change the mailing address of the business and request the credit card services to temporarily re-open the account so that I can access documents and properly file business taxes (which ex did not do last year). I lost access to everything associated with our business, paperwork, bank accounts, credit card bills, when I was kicked out of our marriage. Where should I begin? I've been in contact with the credit cards to get statements and such and work from there.

Obviously I could have done more to minimize the damage along the way but I was so unaware of things tied to my name during this process and have never been in such a complicated position before. He has been able to open and close accounts without my permission or knowledge and basically stole the entire business from me and everything I put into it personally is gone.


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