Scarekid the horrifying scarecrow


Scarekid the horrifying scarecrow

Hi all.

This would have happened in the 90s, there was a farm safety campaign for kids with a character called Scarekid who was a scarecrow. Essentially there were posters about this scarecrow starting tractors and running kids over and stuff like that. I'd completely forgotten about this until a couple of weeks ago, does anyone know what I'm talking about and has anyone come across these cartoons on t'internet, please?

In case you're interested in my Scarekid story: After seeing these posters I was too scared to leave the house area without an adult for weeks. Even when I had to just pop outside the house to the car or a nearby building I'd run until I got indoors again. So one day my godfather and his early-teenage son were visiting and they convinced me that he was old enough that Scarekid would leave me alone, so we went for a walk. We started climbing on the bales that had been stacked up. I stayed where they were 2 high and he climbed up to where they were 3 high, then suddenly he fell down between the bales. I sprinted back up to the house screaming "Scarekid got [godfather's son]!" By the time they managed to get me to explain where and how Scarekid got him and we'd walked back to where we'd been he was just managing to climb back up to the top of the bales.

It's only now as an adult I realise how frustrating it must have been to have a child missing and the only witness is insistent that he was kidnapped by an evil scarecrow.


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