Plowing Help!


Plowing Help!

Hello all all my fellow farm lovers and enthusiasts. I'm hoping you all can help me improve my plow game. I've got a John Deere 995 7 bottom plow that used to do a beautiful job in just about any soil condition. I pulled it with a JD 8400 that I set to the specs in the manual and it would plow as smoothly and nicely as you could hope.

Now though, since we sold the 8400 and replaced it with a JD 8430 and 8245r we can not get the sucker to do a decent plow job. It will not penetrate the ground decently no matter what we do. Sometimes only the front half will get a good penetration while the back barely sinks in (is that what's Called running on its head?) obviously soil types matter. In lighter soil it does ok but in heavier soil in will lift right out of the ground and almost ride on top of the ground. We've replaced shears, set it so that the plow is level when it hits the ground, set so the that the front of plow hits slightly before, and also set it so that rear of plow hits slightly before. We've adjusted load/depth sensors and 3 Pt. Position every which way and it's not seeming to do anything.

So obviously I am no expert with a plow. We don't use it often. We try to rotate which fields get plowed and and only use it for 100 acres or less a year. So to all plowing experts out there please teach this novice your ways! Thank you.


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