27 [F4R] Earth – Soon to be formerly fat girl seeks companionship


27 [F4R] Earth – Soon to be formerly fat girl seeks companionship

I will first warn you that the orange envelope breathes some sort of proverbial life into my soul and I thrive upon communicating with others. This might indicate that I am attention starved which may be true. I just really truly love to get to know new people.

All of my life I would always wish and hope that my life would change without really realizing that real change takes a lot of effort. No one was going to save me and force me to love myself enough to start giving a shit. I spent 26 years of my life wondering “why me?” When instead of doing that I could have been productive and making moves to change myself for the better. I'm still a hot mess and I procrastinate a lot, however I am trying to be better everyday. I don't believe our fates are sealed anymore. I believe that anything I would like to change about myself ( almost ) can be changed.

I am trying to stop making excuses and start living. I eat very healthy and I stay relatively active. I spent 26 years gaining weight so it won't go away overnight and that is what I keep reminding myself of. Having this sustainable and balanced lifestyle has helped me reform so many of my old shitty habits. I'm not out of the woods by any means, I won't pretend. I'm getting there though.

What I am looking for is someone who I will connect with on a deep level. Whether it be platonic or otherwise. I want to find any manner of soul mates.

A little more about me: I am not currently employed. I'm a dog walker and a petsitter so I don't make much money but that is okay because I make enough to where I can feed myself healthy food and be satisfied and I also really enjoy what I do.

I want to be extremely successful in my life in whatever path I choose to go down (I know everyone wants this but I really crave it). I also want to prove everyone wrong who has ever doubted me..I know that might be an unhealthy mindset to have, but it's a real feeling I have and I haven't figured out how to get rid of it thus far.

I am planning to start school within the next year hopefully, if I can stop procrastinating. Which let's be honest. I do a lot of.

I have a two fur babies (one canine and one feline)

I love music a whole lot but might resent you if you ask what kind of music I like. Usually when I do this I bend over backwards trying to explain it and then I just get the whole “I haven't heard of any of this” so really me telling you I love music is generic as fuck and probably speaks to my inner basic bitch.

This whole post is one silly long stream of consciousness. From the title you could surmise unless you are blind that I am currently fat. I will not be fat forever and am actively losing weight. This Is weight I am planning to keep off for the rest of my life. I am slowly fixing all of the issues I have around food. I also eat a plant based diet, which has helped me with my food problems immensely.

I like to think that I am loyal and sweet but also mischievous and sometimes a little too sassy. If any of this interests you please message me. Your photograph will get mine.

Also I would like to say that I used to be a full on SJW liberal. I still am fairly liberal and I also care about social justice, however I see outside of that bubble now and am able to consider other perspectives.

Okay I'm done. This post is a hot mess. As am I ☺️


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