Why millennials living with their parents has become the norm in Southern California – OCRegister


Why millennials living with their parents has become the norm in Southern California – OCRegister



A very well written in-depth article. Prices in general are rising every new year. Food to housing, rent, homes, etc. Average home prices are 600k+ here in the OC. It would take forever for a millennial to earn enough to buy a house. Their parents are the generation to fortunately have their house value double in price and profit, they have it good. It's sad how rent prices are going up and affordability is a problem to many people, causing others to find alternative solutions.


One solution is living with parents. Another solution is the popular tiny house movement that is happening in other states. Where people buy & own a small space for 20k-50k+ and have lots of money saved up to enjoy life and family, rather then a big chunk of the paycheck going to the monthly rent, house mortgage. Great unconventional way to live a minimalist and sustainable lifestyle, not needing too many things. Looks almost like those Ikea showrooms with a small space 200-500+ sq ft. Everything's super neatly organized and has multi-functional furniture yet still make it cozy and spacious. I would lovee to live in a tiny home 😊 This youtube channel: Living Big In A Tiny House has a wonderful video series on tiny homes from around the world. Another option is to move out of state / lower populated city where 100k+ buys a nicely sized modest home. Sometimes dated and old but still worth.


Orange County's rent prices are not as bad yet or out of control absurdly ridiculous like in San Francisco, average being around $4,000 monthly for a 1 bedroom (WTF?! Geez). Imagine how many people would freak out and panic if we had those insane rent prices. I know lots of people in their 20s, 30s, and beyond living at home and sharing space with parents. Any stories to tell? How are you and your friends' living situation? Thoughts? Who would like to live and own a Tiny Home? 😄


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