Indian, German engineers working on an AI-powered brain what does it mean for social (dis)order?


Indian, German engineers working on an AI-powered brain what does it mean for social (dis)order?

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Indian, German engineers working on an AI-powered brain what does it mean for social (dis)order?.

Nearly 3,000 engineers from Bosch in both Stuttgart and Bengaluru have one thing in common: they are putting their brains figuratively speaking into a super brain.

It is what Yuval Noah Harari predicted would be the next phase of evolution of homo sapiens being connected to all things around us.

The engineers from Bosch, together with Daimler, formed an alliance to put self-driving cars on the roads this year.

Leaders at Bosch add that although they are likely to work with startups, there arent many who have made significant advances in R&D in AI.

The world, he believes, is becoming more collaborative thanks to AI.

Can we mix the human quotient with AI and create a sustainable livelihood? AI makes living better, but many societies are not ready for that change.

And they must decide for themselves the future of AI in their (respective) regions, explains Rolf.

Shared and emission-free mobility is becoming more critical to businesses; the likes of Ola in India are leading the way with mobile experiences in cabs.

Billions are being poured into getting AI up to speed to save lives and make mobility solutions a reality.

Deep in the mountains of Bad Mergentheim and Boxberg in Germany, 20 prototypes of cars are being tested to make this brain come to life.

5 billion.

Car manufacturers will need to change their business models and focus on new revenue streams.

M&M is already working with 5,000 farmers by collecting data from their tractors.

New York is already experimenting with such technologies, says Saighiridhar V, Senior Engineering Director at Savari Inc.

Second, it must interpret traffic situations in order to make predictions about the behaviour of other road users.

It can interpret if there is a ball or a child on the road.

Data will be the gold mine for collaborative businesses.

Data plays a major role, which Indian IT service companies can monetise by offering solutions.

Once this data is collected, the crunching of the data at the service point for the customer can be done by analytics business units of IT services companies.

This scenario is not in the distant future it is happening today and happening fast..

Whether policy and education can catch up because they have lagged technology by at least half a decade or more is one the question that remains to be answered.

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