A Blog or Something


A Blog or Something

I’d like to start off this post with a disclaimer. I’m not going to be writing this for pity, its primary intention for being written will be to help me organize my thoughts–going into the next few days… also maybe to give you guys some cheap entertainment in the process, as I've been mostly inactive lately.

Next, I’d like to ask a question, do you ever feel like your day to day lives move pretty fast, but the world around you moves slowly? The reason I ask will be explained later… but first for some backstory.

For the last few years, I have essentially been a chain smoker, I’d smoke Pall Mall XL Reds one after the other, one regular and then one menthol. I’d wake up in the morning and any words I had would be spoken after fighting through the fat clouds of toxic smoke that had been left lingering in my lungs. I knew I wasn’t living a sustainable lifestyle, and I hated being controlled by cigarettes.

So I switched to vaping in January of this year. I ordered an Alien 220w through eBay and from China… this was probably the first mistake I made as someone who was involved with vaping, and I’ve made many since then. The mistake wasn’t attempting to quit smoking, it was looking on eBay to cut costs (wasn’t second hand). I still remember the first time I tried the vape though, because after I did I smoked my last cigarette, and I can vividly remember the feeling… it was the opposite of satisfaction, I missed vaping while I smoked.

Fast forward, since then I’ve come a decent way in my vaping experience. I’ve installed prebuilt coils, gone through many different bottles of ejuice and perused over a wonderful selection of Canadian ejuice vendors. I can say that… I had gotten well over my crippling addiction to cigarettes.

Now I’ll get back to the question I started with. Do you ever feel like your day-to-day goes by fast, but the world around you goes by slow? Because every month I set aside money for 2 specific things. It used to be cigarettes and poker, but it became vape stuff and poker. I need to mention that this is the money that I don’t NEED–like as in for rent or for bills, etc. The reason the days go by slow is that… when you make a deposit on PokerStars, it takes 4-6 days to come out of your bank account. When you make a withdrawal, it takes 3-5 to go in. Also, when you make an order on a vaping website, it typically takes a week to get your stuff. And it could take even longer when etransfers go down. Also… stat holidays, just the days where the world seems to not be moving around you. It really throws me off my game, and it throws me off a lot more than most of you might believe. It gets hard sometimes to keep track of everything. Also, to complicate things further… when you deposit on PokerStars, it’s 48 hours before you can make any withdrawal. So you get your money on average 3 days after that. That’s 5 days. All of which can be dedicated to the game if you lack self-control, because, you can deposit the money that isn’t even in your bank account yet since it takes longer to deposit from your bank than it does to get the money you withdrew into the bank. It’s like a purgatory for degenerates. I forgot to mention that you can’t withdraw anything you deposit for an entire week, it’s like a security system that PokerStars puts in place to make sure that they get their money, lol… it’s the initial deposit itself. 48 hours after your deposit you can withdraw, but only a week after the initial deposit can you withdraw the worth of the deposit.

This month I started off doing very well within the chaotic system in front of me, and so I merrily placed an order with vjuice. Let’s just say that tilt is a downwards spiral. Every day with online poker can become a complete emotional roller coaster… full of happiness, grief, denial, you name it. You can be down and out, then be right back to where you were 2 hours ago, to the time earlier in the morning where you felt like everything was going absolutely great. Even if you’re doing well… you know that in the back of your mind there are times and dates, the purgatory system, that matter so much more than the swings you’re in. It’s kind of a losing method, but I was still winning in it.

I was still arguably in a good position to complete my order with vjuice… until I woke up and my mod was bricked. Completely, dead. I went to a local vape shop and tried some new batteries… nothing. Went back home, learned how to update the firmware… got to where I need to be, clicked the right boxes… and I’m fairly sure I’ve had a knockoff Alien this whole time. In the program, there is something that I can’t change… the code for 01: the summary is… my Alien always starts with an F instead of an E. All over the internet, everything I read, people were talking about their codes– EE(whatever their code is) while mine only starts FE(whatever my code is). I was doing nothing wrong, following all the directions, there seemed to be nothing I could do in order to turn the F into an E. I’m positive I had the right chip for the program too (it was numbered the same as everyone else’s). So I was running the right version of the update.

I found one person on Reddit who had the same problem I did, he told me that he got rid of his Alien so fast and never looked back lol. I’m surprised mine has even lasted this long if it was truly a knockoff… if it wasn’t then I can’t explain why I only found my problem once. There was no solution anywhere. Anyway, I beat the shit out of the mod basically, holding the button down with heavy objects in order to upgrade the firmware. I really just kept doing trial and error at this point after realizing I was doomed. I tried every setting possible and nothing worked. Look at this fake beautifully-dead bastard.


If It was fixable before It’s either not fixable now, or just not worth it.

In frustration, I immediately walked across the street and bought a pack of cigarettes… brutal. The fact is… these things just aren’t as satisfying to me as my vape was. I called all over my city, and no one had just an Alien mod… also I don’t want another little baby tank. These places are charging $120 for the kit, wtf. Let’s say I have $100 to spend in order to replace my mod.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while… basically 6 hours lol. And I think I want to try the T-PRIV.

I wouldn’t mind a big baby beast. I’ve been thinking about either blue or rainbow for the color. Considering I got a $100 limit, where would be the best place to get the most for my money? I was thinking fasttech, but the downside is… I don’t know if I could wait the time required since I’d probably keep smoking cigs.

HOWEVER, I guess this story has a happy ending anyway since I should be getting my GST cheque later today and I didn’t even think about it until earlier yesterday, lol. So at least I can buy the juice that I’m gonna need for the mod I desperately need. But, how do I maximize on everything that’s going on and what I need when the world doesn’t even really rotate on the weekends?

Stay frosty.


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