Looking for Portland businesses that accept crypto (preferably litecoin or ethereum)


Looking for Portland businesses that accept crypto (preferably litecoin or ethereum)

Hello, I am stopping through the beautiful city of Portland for a few days, and wondered if there might be any local businesses / people that accept cryptocurrency in exchange for goods or services that interest me. (Litecoin or Ethereum preferably; not bitcoin because it is too slow/expensive to be practical for everyday use at this time.) Specifically, I would be interested in:

  • Cannabis.
  • Restaurants / coffee shops.
  • A good quality android phone (open, not locked to any specific provider).
  • Good healthy groceries / produce.
  • Lodging. If I happen to find someone willing to rent a room in a compatible living situation willing to accept LTC or ETH as payment, I might even be convinced to stick around here a bit longer. Currently, I am couch surfing with a friend, but for a longer term rental I would be looking for the following: Minimally, a private bedroom space. Private bath would also be nice, but not an absolute requirement. Kitchen, internet access, four-twenty friendly spot with other other open-minded people who also enjoy a laid back lifestyle would be ideal.

A little about me: I'm 40, identify as gender-fluid (but biologically male, if that matters), work as a software developer, and enjoy cooking, sharing food, music, and striving to live in a more ecologically sustainable / earth-friendly way while still enjoying the benefits of technology.

If anyone knows someone in Portland offering any of these goods/services who wants to get in on the cryptocurrency boom without having to bother with exchanging back and forth between USD, please msg me or reply. Thanks!


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