My Thank You to The Creatures.


My Thank You to The Creatures.

Before I get started I would like to just say that this is in no way going to pry on rumors of any kind. Im and going to be citing what they have said over the years to us. Nothing more nothing less. Second I will not be belittiling any of the creatures. They are all great people. I hope that the mods take the time to read this before they ban me for bringing up old creatures, as this is much more a tribute to what once was. And its sad to see that it would seem to the community thst the creatures are going to be no more soon.

I'm going to start off with this question. Which Creature set did you fall in love with? I remember being 18 when the creatures moved in to the first house. How ambitious it all was. People like nova rarely showed his face at this time which is funny to think, seeing how open he is about it now. Ssohpkc was also known at the time for uploading a crap ton and the thought of seamus not uploading for a day was so far out that if you had told 2012 me that seamus would have left youtube, I wouldnt believe you. Kootra was still a young man with no beard. Dan was still known for being "the batman guy." Above all else. And at the time slyfox hound was the biggest channel they had. (Irony at its finest.) Gassy mexican was also one of the smaller channels that was well known for his deep voice. Sp00n and ze were creatures I never really watched so I cant speak for how they were. Especially since they always seemed to distance themselves from the main guys. But this was it. 5 guys living in a house playing games. However the first change and first crack in the foundation of the creatures was when Gassy was Ousted out of the creatures. At the time it was said that it was a falling out between gassy and the rest of the creatures. Which was an accepted fact. I remember catching the twitch stream the day after it happened. Gassy didnt seem angry. He had known that in a lot of ways he may have had it coming. Thinking back on it now this would be the only time that the creatures made super clear why someone was leaving. Every time after that it felt like they didnt know how to communicate it on there end. But as time went on more cracks were made to that foundation. People started leaving for personal reasons which couldnt be helped by the creatures. Sly left, Seamus left, sp00n and ze left. But like a well oiled machine the hub continued on.bringing in three new youtubers during this period. BlackHawk, aleks, and dex. This was a good thing as all these people were great at being a creature in a lot of ways. On camera they seemed to all be friends which was great. They also had more interns showing up in their videos. Im not going to debate whether this decision was bad or not because frankly it is a matter of opinion. The interns all brought funny content to the channel and after a little adjusting it was almost like they had been there all along. Then after a while both dex and blackhawk left. The reasons given varied from enviroment, to it not being what dex was expecting. So the creatures were down to 3 originals, aleks, and a few interns, this seemed to still be fine but the cracks in the foundation were starting to become way more visible. Until finally the foundation couldnt support the massive statue it could at one point so easily hold up. In one foul swoop 4 creatures left to go make cowchop. Making the office they had been using for quite a while not sustainable, they were forced to move their office into a small house in colorado. Its not my place to talk about why cowchop was created so I wont. But i will say it is sad that that was a year ago and sense then whats left of the creatures have tried to keep that statue up. But over the course of one short year the channel looks like it has finally been killed. The hub hasnt had anything uploaded to it in two weeks and dan, the co owner, said he has no idea whats happening to the creatures. There is no RTX panel for a rooster teeth channel with a million subs, as well as every peice of creature merch going on sale on the rt store.It seems the statue has finally toppled over.

If this is the indeed end then it is with a heavy heart I say on behalf of all the community that the creatures have amassed over the years, I say thank you to all the people that have ever took part in the creatures. Thank you for over 7 years of entertainment. Thank you for always staying light hearted on camera no matter what was happening behind the scenes. Thank you for making my life less stressful by giving me the ability to watch funny content when i got home. Thank you for all you guys have ever done to make sure people were entertained. There is so much I could thank every person involved with the creatures for but the truth is I am grateful beyond words. My sense of humor was shaped by you guys. And if the channel does get ressurected again with one less person or with everyone still there this thank you still stands. You guys took a group of friends playing games and made it into some of the most entertaining stuff on the site. Thank you.


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