Effeminate drake or butch duck?


Effeminate drake or butch duck?

I've got nine ducks and only one of them is a gender head-scratcher. He/she is an approx. 4 month old Pekin that's the size of the girl ducks, has no drake feather (the other same-aged drakes have them), but definitely sounds like a drake. Not just a quiet girl but definitely the raspy boy voice. I'm assuming it's a drake, but I have 4 other confirmed drakes and I'll be sending 3 or 4 of them to a nice old lady who misses having ducks, to prevent my girls from getting "overworked". I'd hate to accidentally give her one duck and 3 drakes and have the poor duck getting raped all over this sweet old lady's yard. But as a drake I'd rather not keep it, I don't need that kind of ambiguity in my life or future ducklings. If it's a girl I'd love to keep it as a nice change from my other pekin girls who I'm pretty sure can be heard in the next county. So is it possible for a girl to sound like a boy, or is the voice totally definitive?

Follow up question, can I expect the drakes to get along ok at this lady's home so long as there's no girls? They've been raised together but I know hormones can change the dynamic.


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