[Advice] Find a sustainable path


[Advice] Find a sustainable path

Hi. I am in a life changing moment and need some new ideas. I am interested in traveling, nature, sustainability and don't feel like I fit in the current society.

Bachelor in Computer Science Worked abroad in the field for two years Quit job and travel for five months. I hated touristic places and loved being remote.

When I was younger I would spend hours playing video games but now I struggle to be in a computer all the time. I prefer something outdoor. I thought about freelancing, like a web agency, but I have no passion for programming and I am not that good. I know nothing. Getting a remote job in CS is probably the best idea to keep traveling but I believe its not for me, I am not that nerd.

Nature, sustainability, a more conscious living are what I am aiming for because I am tired of this non sense materialistic selfie living where everyone is just waiting for the weekend to get drunk.

Trying to incorporate a home meditation/yoga routine.

My parents have something between one and two hectare and I am sure they would appreciate I invested some time on it. However more like occasionally and not full time because you know money, money, money.

I live very frugally and really don't need to spend a lot except for experiences like travel but also going this route I think I won't be able to travel anytime soon because keeping a farm needs a ton of attention. Also profit is not much at least when starting and losing my independence also freaks me out because I would be living with my parents again.

I am thinking about a permaculture design course but going to university is most likely out of question (too expensive and from my experience not worth it). The concern is how to make this profitable and travel (not forever).

I am from Southwest Europe.

Any option is welcome. Thank You.


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