25 [M4F] Online: Seeking friends for regular voice-chats!


25 [M4F] Online: Seeking friends for regular voice-chats!

I've posted here a few times, and I'm going to try something a little different by being more open about things, figuring it'll result in less of a quantity of replies, but more in quality.

I'm born and raised in Australia. Throughout my adulthood I've struggled with clinical depression, which has led me to finding myself rather socially isolated and withdrawn in bed rather often. I spend a lot of my time trying to cope with my depression; I'm often playing video games, watching movies, consuming marijuana and using the internet.

I run a small beekeeping hobby business. I've been teaching myself the trade, and have only been it for a few years and am very much an amateur. Just about all my hives come from capturing wild bee-swarms that I've nurtured to strength, mostly swarms that found themselves bottled up in an unwelcomed suburbian home. I have 25 beehives now; there's quite a bit of work involved with it and it keeps me busy and occupied.

Personality wise, I'm quirky and playful, analyitical and studious, compassionate and considerate. I value non-conformity and having a critical mind, and my behaviour and values reflects such. In my personal life I practice polyamory, kink and avoid consuming most animal-products for ethical reasons.

I have a lot of introverted interests including ecosystems and the environment, agriculture, music, philosophy, beeeeees, strategy and RPG games, sustainable living, world politics, anarchism, history, psychology and sociology, global surveillance and privacy, cooking, probability, drugs, independent small businesses, alpacas mindfulness, computers and technology particularly regarding libre operating systems and software.

I'm looking for a friendly, intelligent person, who shares some similarties and is interested in something potentially longer-term; I'm not interested in something short-term that results in ghosting(but understand that stranges won't always click and it's bound to happen occassionally, it's something I'd like to avoid though if possible). I enjoy calls where we can hang out and not feel pressure to talk and perform, where we can be our genuine selves and enjoy each others company and the moments of silence that comes between.

I'm not interested in forcing a romantic, intimate or sexual relationship, though I'm open to such if we happen to click in that way. I've decided to make this post M4F mostly due to having bad pervy experiences with the men on here, and simply finding it easier to emotionally connect with a woman.

If you're interested in interacting, PM me, including a bit of information about yourself, and what about my post caused you to want to chat πŸ™‚


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