Various Superheroes Have Lost Their Superpowers and Abandoned Crime Fighting to Pursue Other Careers


Various Superheroes Have Lost Their Superpowers and Abandoned Crime Fighting to Pursue Other Careers

Each character below enters a fight to declare, once and for all, who was the greatest hero of them all. No one has super powers anymore and peak humans are now just regular, in shape humans that forgot how to fight. The battle is fought only using each character's strengths associated with their new professions.

  • Doctor Doom is still "Doctor Doom" – Victor entered the haunted house business several years ago and opened a traveling haunted attraction called the "Manor of Doom". His animatronics are haled as the best in the business, capable of putting even the most fearless guests on edge. Those that meet him say he's really fucking creepy. Wander Woman thinks his attractions are distasteful while Publisher, Bat Man, and Joker are regular visitors.

  • Batman is now "Bruce the Bat Man" – Having gone bankrupt in a previous business pursuit that had an ill fate, Bruce is now a bat expert and studies various bat species across the world. Thanks to his efforts, several endangered species of bats have rebounded. He feels as though he's formed a telepathic relationship with them and tries to make people believe he can speak with bats, though no one really believes him. They only come to him when he holds out food and will occasionally obey his spoken commands.

  • Wonder Woman is now "Wander Woman" – Diana, after somehow losing her powers, gave up the life of fighting crime and now indulges her passion of traveling. She prefers to wander on foot, though will board a vehicle if crossing oceans or getting to impossible to reach places. Recent pictures in the Californian desert show her to be temporarily living in a hut, preferring to go nude, and religiously smoking marijuana. She has millions of followers on Twitter that support her hippy life and will savagely defend her to no end if anyone so much as states they disagree with her life choices. She doesn't really care about this battle but will become absolutely vicious if one of the others challenge her in any way.

  • The Punisher becomes "The Publisher" – Frank is now well known for writing and publishing books that discuss controversial topics, including defending his old brand of justice as well as slandering fellow superheroes. He has a loyal fanbase that believe everything he publishes, though the general public typically dismisses his claims. He lives in a ranch in the Texas hill country. The entire South supports him. He regularly argues with Wander Woman on social media.

  • The Joker is still "The Joker" – Having given up the life of a super-villain, The Joker decides to pursue his dream: being a stand-up comedian. His jokes take jabs at superhero cliches and he constantly makes fun of the "good" superheroes that he fought against. He has the uncanny ability to make anyone laugh, even if the person he tells jokes to completely hates him. Wander Woman is the only human proven to be unaffected by his humor (she just gets pissed).

  • Green Lantern is now "Green Lantern Inc." – Hal opens up a new business producing lanterns that run on clean, sustainable energy. He foregoes the typical power sources like kerosene or batteries in favor of solar power and wind power, harnessing the wind using small win turbines attached to the tops of each lantern. His business is crumbling due to the market already having products like the ones he produces, as well as the complete failure of his wind-powered lantern. Despite his drawbacks, he is on the forefront of discovering renewable green energy. Wander Woman endorses him while Publisher thinks he's dumb for not just using batteries. Matt has stated before that he is interested in the renewable light sources, but no one knows why.

  • Daredevil is now "Matt 'The Amazing Daredevil' Murdock, Attorney at Law" – Matt still lives a dual life, but now along with pursuing justice in the court room, he also performs acrobatic and sometimes death-defying feats in the local circus despite being totally blind. His acts become almost comedic when he misses the mark during several of his performances, falling from tightropes and getting mauled by lions. He always manages to survive, though signs of his accidents are obvious in the courtroom, which lead many jurors to think he is unfit for his profession. Joker, Publisher, Peter, and Doom all regularly visit the circus to watch the comedic tragedies unfold while Wander Woman publicly attacks the use of animals in their performances. She supports his law firm though.

  • Peter Parker is just "Peter Parker" – Peter now owns a theme park chain with four locations across the US with a focus on spiders. He has several species of spiders on display that draw large crowds. He has trainers perform tricks with the larger and more intelligent species, such as the acrobatic tarantula attraction. They have a wolf spider that has been trained to put on a tiny top hat and walk around holding a cane. Despite years of training, Peter himself cannot teach a spider to act on his commands. A recent lawsuit resulting from a brown recluse biting a child has placed his business under speculation. Wander Woman condemns his company for animal cruelty while Bat Man, learning from Peter's success, is interesting in opening his own bat-themed park.

Victory is obtained by any means as long as they use their careers or current situations to win (they cannot just kill someone).

Villainous or anti-hero characters will not be held accountable for their old illegal tendencies. No one can be sent to jail for past (pre-new career) crimes.

Who dominates?

EDIT: Spelling and grammar, edited some of the character descriptions.


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